Tuesday, September 22, 2009


New shot of a kewpie doll. I started with creating the background which was shot from one of the shelves at www.momentumgrooming.com while I was shooting product for them. Then I print out the shelving shot and use it as a background for other objects starting with this awesome little doll.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few print ads using my images.

Combo shots for Momentum Grooming

More work for Momentum Grooming. These are combo shots of the products that they sell as well as idea that they also supply barbering and straight razor shaving services. Check them out at: www.momentumgrooming.com

New product shots

Here are some newer product shots I have done for varied clients in the Vancouver area. Most of these were done for The retail and online store for Momentum Grooming.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jesus Never Met My Alcoholic Father

This dramatic statement was spray painted on the side of a dumpster in Chinatown in Vancouver about 2002. I shot a quick picture of this and noticed later that it was a bit out of focus. Returning the next day to reshoot the image I found it had already been removed. The sadness, anger and desperation of this statement stayed with me and I wondered who had written it.

As time passed I spent more and more time in the streets and back alleys of downtown Vancouver including it's Chinatown and Gastown areas documenting images of the homeless in hopes of producing a series of images. Soon I realized that this one image and statement epitomized what I was seeing and this needed to be the title of the series. The following images are from that series.